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Lamb Spinach (400 g)

Bindia’s Lamb Spinach isn’t just delicious; it has everything you need to fill full and have your nutritional needs met.

Cruciferous proteins

In India, it’s normal to eat lots of the so-called cruciferous vegetables. These dark leafy greens can be found just about everywhere on Earth, and they include, besides spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, kale, and mustard greens, among others.

The cruciferous vegetables are some of the healthiest things you can consume, and in the West we are finally opening our eyes to their healing properties, which have being investigated in serious cancer research the last couple of decades.

Just to name a few things, this family of vegetables contains plenty of iron, calcium, fibers, as well as a host of different vitamins. By virtue of also being rich in protein, it’s understandable that the cruciferous vegetables like spinach have become a go-to food for the increasing number of health-conscious consumers as well as vegetarians and vegans.

Lamb Spinach Bindia style

We make our Lamb Spinach in the style of the Indian “Saag”. Saag just means leafy vegetables (typically referring to spinach) and is a form of curry made primarily on just one type of leafy green like spinach, chopped broccoli, mustard greens, collard greens, among others.

The Saag is a quite common dish in Northern India where it’s often served with bread. We use whole leaf spinach with another cruciferous green, i.e. fenugreek, as well as fresh tomatoes and garlic to add more fullness and flavor to the spinach.

Tasty and tender

As the Indians don’t eat pork or beef in consideration of the country’s two largest religions Hinduism and Islam, they have instead become specialists in dealing with lamb and therefore have unique traditions and techniques for selecting the best meat and make it as delicious as possible. We therefore have clear guidelines for selecting and preparing our lamb at Bindia.

We only use meat from grazing sheep from New Zealand in our Lamb Spinach, as this meat has the best smell and taste and doesn’t contain too much fat. We take measures to select for young, and therefore tender, meat, which we cut ourselves to ensure the final product is consistent with our standards.

We then roast the meat together with a tempering of ginger, carnation, and garlic, among others in a big cauldron. This removes the characteristic smell of lamb and gives the meat warm flavor and that Bindia character. All done according to traditional procedures.


Try our Lamb Spinach at your local Bindia in ØsterbroNørrebroFrederiksbergAmagerLyngby, and Søborg, or simply order it here.