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Bindia Lyngby

(+45) 78 77 33 99
Lyngby Hovedgade 72E
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Mon - Sun: 16.00 - 21.00
Closed Only: 24/12 & 31/12

Delicious and healthy take-away in Lyngby

In what’s probably the busiest shopping area north of Copenhagen, you’ll find one of our smaller take-away shops, which, since 2012, have provided quality Indian take-away to the many shoppers and locals of the area.

As we took over the shop from an optician, a total and complete renovation was necessary before we could open our take-away and dine on Lyngby Hovedgade 72E. Inside we have room for about 6 guests in our small lounge and waiting area. Feel free to use this space for either waiting for your take-away here or simply enjoying our Indian cuisine like our popular Butter Chicken or one of our many vegetarian and vegan dishes.
Have a look inside our Bindia in Lyngby here.

Still, it is in the summer season that our Bindia and the rest of Lyngby Hovedgade truly flourish. When the sun is out, we create a small dining area in front of the shop on the broad and nicely cobbled pavement, right next to a splendid florist. With lots of room for both the dining crowd and passersby as well as plenty of green trees, Lyngby Hovedgade is a perfect match for both outdoor dining as well as quick and easy take-away for the busy shopper. It’s hard to imagine a more fitting spot for our take-away and dine-in.

You’re welcome to take advantage of our Orange Prices when you dine-in at Bindia. All you have to do is order and pay on bindia.dk and use the comment field to let our staff know. Read more about dine-in here.

Along the King’s Way to today

Lyngby Hovedgade, which in 1888 became the first street in Denmark with electric streetlight, is certainly a street that both houses plenty of life in addition to a rich cultural history.

Originally, the street was part of the big and historic Kongevej (King’s Road) from 1584 that went from Copenhagen to Frederiksborg Castle, and which today is reflected in the fact that Lyngby Hovedgade changes its name to Kongevejen right around Sorgenfri Castle.

Today the curiously inclined can find several historic and protected buildings on and around Lyngby Hovedgade, including the two old watermills Nordre and Søndre Mølle, which together constituted Lyngby Mølle, and is likely much older than Kongevejen itself.

Today the street is decidedly a shopping street with plenty of pedestrians among the many small shops and cafés. The current make-up of the street was pursued and established via the municipality’s district plan from 1982. The aim was to create and secure a zone exclusively for smaller shops where Bindia today is located, while prohibiting the establishment of larger industries, banks, offices, etc. The current cozy and characteristic look of the street was brought about in a largescale paving of cobblestones between 1996 and 1998.

Today a lot of Northern Zealand gathers here to take care of shopping in either one of the many small shops of the streets or at the malls Lyngby Storcenter and Magasin just around the corner on Klampenborgvej.

Bindia’s take-away and dine-in fits perfectly to Lyngby Hovedgade – a historical and distinguished shopping street that invites you to slow down and enjoy our delicious Indian cuisine.

Take-away in Lyngby

If you want to enjoy our food somewhere else than the sometimes busy street of Lyngby Hovedgade, there are plenty of beautiful places nearby where you can enjoy picturesque surroundings together with Bindia’s delicious take-away.

Continue south down Lyngby Hovedgade until it changes into Lyngbyvejen and you’ll find the cemetery of Mariebjerg Kirkegård. This beautiful cemetery, which was devised by the Danish architect G.N. Brandt in 1936, was part of the Danish Cultural Canon from 2005, together with 107 other works all deemed essential for the Danish cultural heritage. On several occasions, Brandt was similarly honored and awarded for his splendid work of modern landscaping. Here you’ll find lots of natural as well as manmade beauty – and plenty of room to enjoy our take-away.

Should you want even more natural beauty, continue instead north by Lyngby Hovedgade and you’ll soon reach the stunning Lyngby Lake. This piece of nature offers plenty of places to bring along our take-away and take in the view, like Lyngby Folkepark not far away from Lyngby Hovedgade.

In the summer season it is possible to take a boat tour with Baadfarten around Lyngby Lake and up the Mill Stream (Mølleåen). The 30-kilometer-long Mill Stream runs through Furesø Lake, Farum Lake, and Lyngby Lake before it eventually reaches the sea of Øresund. Centuries ago, this important stream was furthermore what enabled the flowering of mills and subsequent industries in the area, like the two watermills Nordre and Søndre Mølle on Lyngby Hovedgade.

Since the 1890s, it has been possible to enjoy a ride with Baadfarten, and they still employ their characteristic boats from back then – and it’s, not least, completely allowed to enjoy our delicious take-away aboard this exquisite ride!

Nothing wasted

No matter if you want to enjoy our take-away in nature or stay as our dinner guest, you are welcome every day from 16.00 – 21.00 on Lyngby Hovedgade 72E!

We will serve you large, healthy portions that are furthermore well-suited for refrigeration and reheating. Read more about our recommendations for reheating our take-away here.

As a matter of fact, the good, old-fashioned Indian cooking methods, which we proudly preserve and continue, provide the food a natural and sustainable durability and are a key factor to how we can all help minimize food waste.

A true Indian curry takes a long time to make as it requires many hours to simmer and settle. The very final part of the cooking is not done until your order is placed – and we never use more than you “take away”.

Bindia actually wastes so little food that, in spite of an already signed collaboration contract, the initiative against food waste, Too Good To Go, found it completely pointless to include us on their app.

Greener take-away

Since 2015, Bindia have been certified with the official Organic Cuisine Label as we were the first Indian kitchen in Scandinavia to focus on ecology and sustainability. Furthermore, we never use preservatives, additives, or food colouring, and never deep fry anything.

At Bindia, we have a crystal-clear ambition of continuing to become even greener and in 2020 we therefore decided to make our take-away packaging more eco-friendly. Everything from our take-away bags to our menu cards and take-away bowls are now made from 100% recycled, non-bleached paper. Both the paper bags and menu cards can be recycled as paper. However, we recommend re-using the paper bag as much as possible first.

This way you can enjoy the best Indian take-away with a clean conscience!

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Read more about Bindia’s philosophy and values here.

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