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Indian Food Takeaway and Dine-in - Søborg

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Bindia Take away and Dine-in Søborg Hovedgade

Søborg Hovedgade and Bindia sounds like a match made in heaven. Søborg Hovedgade, a big shopping street, offers all kind of things to its visitors from all around the country but we have thought for a long time, that this amazing area, close to Copenhagen and Gentofte, could use a delicious, organic Indian Take away and Dine-in.

Location Information

Søborg is quite a new city that came to life in the beginning of the 20th century. Where there was once fields and countryside, big housing areas was constructed and Søborg Hovedgade is now the main shopping street in Gladsaxe Municipality.

The approx. 70.000 residents in Gladsaxe Municipality is a big factor to why this beautiful shopping street, also known as “The heart of Søborg”, still offers everything they need. Søborg Hovedgade is a part of the old Frederiksborgvej, a road build for King Christian the 4th of Denmark, for easier access from Copenhagen to Frederiksborg Slot.

Søborg is a truly unique location which is both close to the busy city life of Copenhagen but also offers big green areas like Utterslev Mose. In Søborg you can also find the “newly” build Søborg Kirke, which by residents was called “the Christmas Hat” because of its big red tower.

Søborg and in general Gladsaxe Municipality has had a big development over the last century and we believe that this development will continue for many years to come. Because of that, we believe, that Bindia Take away and Dine-in in Søborg are a match made in heaven for both the residents and for Bindia.

Bindia in general

If you love Indian food, then you will love Bindia.

Bindia Indian food takeaway and Dine-in at Søborg Hovedgade in Søborg is a name you can trust. With organic food ingredients and natural spices taken from the Indian tradition, we keep the originality of Indian food alive. Bindia's chefs have a good knowledge of healthy ayurveda, which helps us prepare tasty food, based on recipes that have been perfected for 15 years.

At Bindia we are professionals, we offer you smiling service, the best Indian food that is perfected with pure organic spices.

At Bindia you can, for example, attend one of our many cooking courses and learn about the art of true Indian cooking that has been passed on generation by generation.

Indian cuisine was created in Mogul era, which had been inspired by The Turks, Arabs and Persians.

Bindia offers you exquisite Indian dishes as they were eaten by the Maharajahs in the Indian states five centuries ago.

Our knowledge of ayurveda and spices put together with our belief in natural healthy organic ingredients gives us the opportunity to offer the Søborg residents a true taste experience.

Bindia Quality Pledge

  • Always certified organic food (30-60%)
  • No processed foods
  • Everything is made from scratch
  • Nothing is deep-fried
  • No animal fat added
  • No additives
  • No preservatives
  • No food colouring
  • Largest portion size among all Indians

Apart from this:

  • Highly rated on Google and similar platforms
  • Our Customer Service is prompt and we follow-up
  • The best Health Authority’s smiley at almost all locations

Our Popular Dishes

Mixed Veg.
Mixed Veg.
Coconut Tamarind Paneer
Coconut Tamarind Paneer
Coconut Tamarind Lamb
Coconut Tamarind Lamb
Lamb Tikka Masala
Lamb Tikka Masala
Paneer Korma
Paneer Korma

Opening Timings

mon-sun 16:00 - 21:00

We are closed only December 24th & 31st.

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