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Bindia Søborg

(+45) 78 77 33 99
Søborg Hovedgade 57,
2860 Søborg
Mon - Sun: 16.00 - 21.00
Closed Only: 24/12 & 31/12

The latest member of the Bindia Family

In September 2020 we opened a brand new Bindia with room for both large gatherings and smaller, intimate dinners. At the same time, we have dedicated space and seating for our take-away customers, where you can wait comfortably for your take-away order with a view to our new, open kitchen to one side and Søborg Hovedgade to the other.

In the opposite end of the restaurant, you’ll find a big bright room devoted to our staying dine-in guests – and similarly with a view of Søborg Hovedgade. Here you can enjoy our food and each other’s company, removed from the hustle and bustle that might appear in a busy restaurant kitchen, which both handles orders from our visiting guests as well as an array of take-away orders from the local area.

Take-away & Dine-in

No doubt, we are proud of the newest member of the Bindia chain: our take-away and dine-in in Søborg. It’s the culmination of what happened exactly 17 years prior, when we in September of 2003 opened the very first Bindia right next to Trianglen and Fælledparken on Blegdamsvej.

Here we quickly gained a lot of satisfied customers who increasingly asked to get our Indian dishes along as take-away. Due to this success, we focused on take-away for the Bindia shops we opened the following 15 years. The expansion of our chain of Bindia shops necessitated that we in 2017 finally had to move our production and administration to more fitting facilities in Hvidovre.

In order to better spread Bindia in Copenhagen, we opened our two latest take-away and dine-ins on Amager in 2019 and finally on Søborg Hovedgade the following year. Shortly after opening in Søborg, we streamlined the entire concept so that every Bindia – in addition to take-away – provides our guests with opportunity to dine-in, i.e. to stay and eat your food.

You’re welcome to take advantage of our Orange Prices when you dine-in at Bindia. All you have to do is order and pay on bindia.dk and use the comment field to let our staff know. Read more about dine-in here.

Because of it’s neat and clever design, the new place in Søborg fits both our take-away and dine-in guests perfectly. No matter if you’re waiting for your take-away order in the dedicated seating next to our open kitchen or you are joining a larger dinner party as our guest, you’ll always find yourself in large, bright rooms with a view of Søborg Hovedgade.
Take a look inside our Bindia in Søborg here.

New additions

Today, Søborg Hovedgade is undoubtedly the main vein and shopping street no. 1 in the Gladsaxe Municipality, which, besides Søborg, includes inner Gladsaxe, Buddinge, and Mørkhøj. But it has far from always been this way. Like Bindia on Søborg Hovedgade, this part of Copenhagen is a relatively late addition.

Unlike its neighbors Mørkhøj, Buddinge, and Bagsværd, Søborg never existed independently as a village. Until the area began to take shape in the beginning of the 20th century, the residents here were considered to live in Buddinge. Søborg was hardly much else than a few farms, right until it became part of a greater urbanization in the nineteen-hundreds.

The establishment of the very first Søborg villas was quickly followed by the first grocer in 1906 on what today is known as Søborg Hovedgade. When a tram line was established between Copenhagen and Søborg 15 years later, the urbanization really began to accelerate.

However, it wasn’t until five years later in 1926 that Søborg Hovedgade received its current name. Until then it had formally been a part of Frederiksborgvej, which King Christian IV had built as a route to the castle Frederiksborg in Hillerød.

Today the city has grown to such an extent that Søborg seamlessly interlock with the rest of Copenhagen, and Søborg Hovedgade has become the shopping central of the area. Despite the busy nature of the street, there are still areas nearby that invite you to enjoy your Bindia take-away outside when the weather permits it.

Just 10-minute walk from Bindia, where Frederiksborgvej intersects with Gladsaxevej and becomes Søborg Hovedgade, you will find a park area surrounded by a small creek. Continue south on either side and you will quickly find yourself in Utterslev Mose, a large marsh with a rich and diverse wildlife, especially birds. In the year 2000, these wetlands were protected to ensure the biological life of the area as well as preserve its recreational value for its visitors.

Nothing wasted

No matter if you want to enjoy our take-away in nature or stay as our dinner guest, we stand ready every day from 16.00 – 21.00 on Søborg Hovedgade, with the best dishes from the Indian kitchen made the Bindia way.

We will serve you large, healthy portions that are furthermore well-suited for refrigeration and reheating. Read more about our recommendations for reheating our take-away here.

As a matter of fact, the good, old-fashioned Indian cooking methods, which we proudly preserve and continue, provide the food a natural and sustainable durability and are a key factor to how we can all help minimize food waste.

A true Indian curry takes a long time to make as it requires many hours to simmer and settle. The very final part of the cooking is not done until your order is placed – and we never use more than you “take away”.

Bindia actually wastes so little food that, in spite of an already signed collaboration contract, the initiative against food waste, Too Good To Go, found it completely pointless to include us on their app.

Greener take-away

Since 2015, Bindia have been certified with the official Organic Cuisine Label as we were the first Indian kitchen in Scandinavia to focus on ecology and sustainability. Furthermore, we never use preservatives, additives, or food colouring, and never deep fry anything.

At Bindia, we have a crystal-clear ambition of continuing to become even greener and in 2020 we therefore decided to make our take-away packaging more eco-friendly. Everything from our take-away bags to our menu cards and take-away bowls are now made from 100% recycled, non-bleached paper. Both the paper bags and menu cards can be recycled as paper. However, we recommend re-using the paper bag as much as possible first.

This way you can enjoy the best Indian take-away with a clean conscience!

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Read more about Bindia’s philosophy and values here.

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