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I'm Amer Sulman, the founder & head chef of Bindia. This question has been the driving force behind my culinary journey.

Growing up in Punjab, Northern India, I had hard-working parents who were too tired at dinner time. Our neighbors, on the other hand, hailed from a renowned culinary lineage, where ancient recipes and secrets were passed down through generations. Their kitchen was a constant source of enchanting scents, a captivating magic that seemed just out of our grasp.

So, why did moms food never capture those intoxicating aromas? To unravel this mystery, I ventured into the kitchen and never looked back. This is where I've spent the majority of my time.

Bindia since 2003

I founded Bindia out of frustration with the lack of properly presented Indian cuisine in Copenhagen.

Our journey began in September 2003 when we opened the first Bindia restaurant at Trianglen. I believed it was unfair for customers to pay restaurant prices for takeout, leading to the launch of Denmark's first Indian 'takeaway-only' establishment on H.C. Ørstedsvej in October 2006.

The success of this venture inspired us to recreate the same experience at various locations in Copenhagen:
• 2009: Bindia, Gl. Kongevej
• 2010: Bindia, Elmegade
• 2010: Complete renovation of Bindia, Trianglen
• 2012: Bindia, Lyngy Hovedgade
• 2017: Production Kitchen, Hvidovre
• 2018: Bindia, Amagerbrogade
• 2020: Bindia, Søborg Hovedgade

Following the lockdown, we transformed Bindia, Trianglen, from a restaurant into a takeout and dine-in facility.

Today, all Bindia locations offer both takeout and dine-in services from 4 PM to 9 PM.

Our Values

The two basic pillars of Bindia’s philosophyFusing health and taste in a sustainable way is truly an art we strive to perfect.

The Synergy of Health, Medicine, and Food

My maternal grandfather, a revered senior Ayurvedic practitioner, laid the foundation for Bindia's culinary philosophy. It draws its roots from Ayurveda, one of the world's oldest medicinal systems, signifying 'the knowledge of life and longevity.'

I was deeply inspired by his fervor, wisdom, and his unwavering dedication to spices and herbs, harnessing their natural healing powers. Witnessing him carry a mini-pharmacy in his shoulder bag, brimming with remedies for a multitude of ailments, left me in awe.

In Ayurveda, food serves as a preventive medicine, serving as the cornerstone for maintaining bodily health and fortifying the immune system.

Unforgettable Lessons from Rural Retreats

The holidays my father insisted we spend at my paternal grandfather's place left an enduring mark on my memory.

Coming from a bustling city, those vacations brought us closer to nature than we had ever been. Supermarkets and bazaars were foreign concepts to my grandfather; instead, everything we consumed came directly from the land, freshly harvested and plucked just before my grandmother began preparing our meals.

Out of love and respect, I used to massage my grandfather's legs after his long days on his expansive farmlands. The memory of his muscles, seemingly stronger than steel, still lingers. He enjoyed remarkable health and had never seen a doctor in his entire life.

That period instilled in me a lasting, fundamental appreciation for the significance of fresh, high-quality produce in both taste and nutrition.

The basic pillars of Bindia’s philosophy

Mastering the art of blending health and flavor in a sustainable manner is our constant pursuit.

Responsible packaging

Windmill electricity only

Organic (30-60%) since 2015

Almost zero food waste

No trans fat added

Bye bye, plastic

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