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Indian Food Takeaway and Dine-in - Amager

Bindia Takeaway and Dine in at Amagerbrogade

Amager has a lot, but so far they have lacked a delicious Indian food offering organic and quality take away. With Bindia at Amagerbrogade we are now opening up for that opportunity.

What is Amager?

Amager is an island connected to Zealand and Copenhagen via 9 bridges. Among other things. the most famous Sjællandsbroen, the Knippelsbro and Langebro. And of course the bridge that binds Denmark together with Sweden, the Øresundsbroen.

approx. 200,000 Danes live in Amager. They enjoy the many opportunities the island provides. On Amager's east coastline you will find among other things the popular Amager Strandpark. One of Copenhagen's largest workplaces is also located at Amager in the form of CPH, Copenhagen Airport. You also have large shopping centers like Fields and the Amagercentret, as well as Amagerbrogade which has always been a popular shopping street with many shops. In recent years, Ørestaden has been built and is now seen as Copenhagen's new Manhattan. The metro to the airport also goes through Amager and connects the island with the rest of Copenhagen. In addition, new areas have emerged that are developing rapidly, and which create many opportunities for cultural life. The paper island, Refshaleøen is just some of them. Already, Islandsbrygge, and Christania are already tourist attractions.

Amager is currently undergoing a rapid development, and this is a development we want Bindia to be a part of.

If you love Indian food, then you will love Bindia.

Bindia Indian food takeaway and Dine In at Amagerbrogade in Copenhagen is a name you can trust. With organic food ingredients and natural spices taken from the Indian tradition, we keep the originality of Indian food alive. Bindia's chefs have a good knowledge of healthy ayurveda, which helps us prepare tasty food, based on recipes that have been perfected for 15 years.

At Bindia we are professionals, we offer you smiling service, the best Indian food that is perfected with pure organic spices.

At Bindia you can, for example, attend one of our many cooking courses and learn about the art of true Indian cooking that has been passed on generation by generation.

Indian cuisine was created in Mogul era, which had been inspired by The Turks, Arabs and Persians.

Bindia offers you exquisite Indian dishes as they were eaten by the Maharajahs in the Indian states five centuries ago.

Our knowledge of ayurveda and spices put together with our belief in natural healthy organic ingredients gives us the opportunity to offer the Amager residents a true taste experience.

  • We do NOT use artificial flavors or additives
  • We do NOT use preservatives
  • We do NOT use food colors
  • We do NOT use canned foods
  • We do NOT use Animal Fat
  • Healthy and pure ayurveda spices for all our recipes
  • We are up to 60% organic
  • We offer a wide selection of Vegetarian and Vegan options
  • We offer a smiling and good service and put the customer's experience at the center.
  • We cherish your health and make sure you get quality conscious food to eat.

See you soon at Bindia, Amagerbrogade 146, 2300 Copenhagen S

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We are closed only December 24th & 31st.

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