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Bindia Amager

(+45) 78 77 33 99
Amagerbrogade 146
2300 Copenhagen S
Mon - Sun: 16.00 - 21.00
Closed Only: 24/12 & 31/12

Welcome to Bindia on Amager – the first Bindia outside Zealand

In the summer of 2019, we opened a brand new Bindia with a capacity for 20 guests and, therefore, room for most people’s dining needs.

Sit, for instance, in our large window overlooking Amagerbrogade, and eat our popular Butter Chicken or one of our vegetarian and vegan dishes. At the other end of our Amager shop, you’ll find a seating area more like a diner, while in the middle of the room, you’ll find our big, open kitchen, which not only cooks for our dinner guests, but simultaneously handles an array of take-away orders from all over Amager.

No matter if you decide to stay and eat – or you’re simply waiting for your take-away - you’ll always find yourself in nice, bright rooms with a view of Amagerbrogade in our Bindia on Amager. Take a tour of our Amager shop here.

Take-away & Dine-in

No doubt, we are proud of our take-away and dine-in on Amager – one of the newer members of the Bindia Family. It’s the culmination of what happened 16 years prior, when we in September of 2003 opened the very first Bindia on Blegdamsvej right next to Trianglen and Fælledparken.

Here we quickly gained a lot of satisfied customers who increasingly asked to get our Indian dishes as take-away. Due to this success, we increasingly focused on take-away for the Bindia shops we opened the following 15 years. The expansion of our chain of Bindia shops necessitated that we in 2017 finally had to move our production and administration to more fitting facilities in Hvidovre.

In order to better share our good food with the Copenhagen area, we opened our two latest take-away and dine-in shops on Amager in 2019 and the following year in Søborg. Not long after opening on Amager, we streamlined the entire concept so that every Bindia – in addition to take-away – offers our guests the opportunity to dine-in, i.e. to stay and eat.

Because of it’s neat and clever design, the new place on Amager fits both our take-away and dine-in guests perfectly. No matter if you’re waiting by the large open window or eating here with friends, you’ll always find yourself in nice, bright rooms in our Bindia on Amager.

You’re welcome to take advantage of our Orange Prices when you dine-in at Bindia. All you have to do is order and pay on bindia.dk and use the comment field to let our staff know. Read more about dine-in here.

Take-away on Amager

This Bindia is the first Bindia not located on Zealand – and we doubt we could have found a more fitting match for Bindia.

Amager, which is the most densely populated island of Denmark, has since the early 1990s experienced a steady population growth, and Amagerbrogade is the main artery that cuts through the entire island from the inner city of Copenhagen way out to the Airport (though changing name to Torvegade at Christianshavn, and to Amager Landevej around Tårnby).

If you walk from Bindia on Amagerbrogade down Øresundsvej, you’ll find the area around Amager Strand (Amager Beach) and the park of Lergravsparken, which is undoubtedly one of the areas that has experienced the largest population growth and construction boom the last decade. Here, you’ll also find plenty of outstanding places to enjoy our delicious take-away.

Lergravsparken, which in 2002 got its own Metro station, is a cozy park with lots of pockets of life and activity. This park is shared equally among the kids of the neighborhood as well as the elderly who live in the retirement facilities situated inside the park.

If you continue down Øresundsvej, you’ll eventually reach the sea of Øresund and Amager Strandpark. The strandpark (beach park) was originally constructed in 1933 and grew the following years by continual addition of sand and green areas.

The current look of Amager Strandpark, however, didn’t come along until 2005 with the construction of a large artificial island, complete with changing rooms, kiosks, training facilities, among other things. Every summer Amager Strandpark is full of happy and active people from near and far – and, therefore, a perfect place to enjoy the sun, beach, and Bindia’s delicious take-away.

Should you want more quietude while enjoying our take-away, the former cemetery of Sundbyøster Kirkegård is no more than 150 meters away from Bindia on Amager – all you need to do is cross Amagerbrogade and go down Hveensvej. This park, which is the oldest part of the cemetery of Sundby Kirkegård, has gradually been phased out as a cemetery and is now simply a small, intimate, and, to many people, unknown park with only a few old tombstones left.

No take-away wasted

No matter if you want to enjoy our food at our facilities or decide to bring it along as take-away, you’re welcome in our take-away and dine-in on Amagerbrogade 146!

We will serve you large, healthy portions that are furthermore well-suited for refrigeration and reheating. Read more about our recommendations for reheating our take-away here.

As a matter of fact, the good, old-fashioned Indian cooking methods, which we proudly preserve and continue, provide the food a natural and sustainable durability and are a key factor to how we can all help minimize food waste.

A true Indian curry takes a long time to make as it requires many hours to simmer and settle. The very final part of the cooking is not done until your order is placed – and we never use more than you “take away”.

Bindia actually wastes so little food that, in spite of an already signed collaboration contract, the initiative against food waste, Too Good To Go found it completely pointless to include us on their app.

Greener take-away

Since 2015, Bindia have been certified with the official Organic Cuisine Label as we were the first Indian kitchen in Scandinavia to focus on ecology and sustainability. Furthermore, we never use preservatives, additives, or food colouring, and never deep fry anything.

At Bindia, we have a crystal-clear ambition of continuing to become even greener and in 2020 we therefore decided to make our take-away packaging more eco-friendly. Everything from our take-away bags to our menu cards and take-away bowls are now made from 100% recycled, non-bleached paper. Both the paper bags and menu cards can be recycled as paper. However, we recommend re-using the paper bag as much as possible first.

This way you can enjoy the best Indian take-away with a clean conscience!

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Read more about Bindia’s philosophy and values here.

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