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The two basic pillars of Bindia’s philosophy
Fusing health and taste in a sustainable way is truly an art we strive to perfect.

A good, long life

Bindia’s culinary philosophy originates from one of the oldest known medicinal systems: Ayurveda, which means the knowledge of life and longevity.

My grandfather on my mother’s side was an ayurvedic doctor, and he could, for instance, spot liver diseases using only his fingers. He carried an entire pharmacy in his bag, and his preventive treatments were always based on the customization of one’s diet.

In Ayurveda, food functions as preventive medicine and is the primary driving force behind keeping your body healthy and your immune system strong.

Harvested and consumed in 2 hours

I still reminisce about the time I spent as a kid in the countryside of Punjab with my grandfather on my father’s side. He was 6’5”, strong as a bull, and had an amazing health.

With him, we only ate what we had grown ourselves on his farm; and what we harvested, was prepared and consumed within two hours.

That period has forever given me a basic, yet profound, understanding of, and respect for, what good, fresh produce means to both taste and nutrition.

The combination of the health-based approach of Ayurveda and the taste and nutrition of fresh produce has always been the fundamental pillars when developing our dishes – and is truly an art form we strive to perfect.

Organic since 2015

We have been certified with The Organic Cuisine Label since 2015, and we were the first Indian kitchen in Scandinavia to focus on organic food.

Moreover, we don’t use any preservatives, additives, or food colouring, and never deep fry anything.

And we have a crystal-clear ambition of continuing this trend one green initiative at the time.

Bindia repackaged

Everything from our take away bags to menu cards and take away bowls are made from 100% recycled, non-bleached paper. Both the paper bags and menu cards can be recycled as paper. However, we recommend re-using the paper bag as much as possible first.

To ensure that our bowls can withstand the hot, liquid food, the bowls have a thin plastic coating on the inside. Hence, the bowls and lids must be sorted as regular waste.

If you have any ideas on how we can make our packaging (and procedures) even greener, please let us know!

Bye bye, plastic

We support the organization Plastic Change and their mission to rid the world of polluting plastic waste. Therefore, we play an active part in their fight for a cleaner tomorrow.

Read more about Plastic Change on their website and learn what you can do to help.

Renewables only

All of our electricity comes from renewable sources certified by our supplier Natur Energi.

You can read more about renewable energy as well as their other environmental commitments on Natur Energi’s website

Too bad, “Too Good To Go”

We hardly waste any food whatsoever – in fact, we waste so little that the global movement against food waste, Too Good To Go found it pointless to include us on their platform, even though we had already signed a collaboration contract.

Truth be told, the dependable methods of the old-fashioned Indian kitchen ensure the food a reasonable and sustainable life cycle. Furthermore, we keep all food refrigerated, and the final dish is not prepared before you order. And we ONLY take exactly what we need for YOUR order.