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Bindia Nørrebro

(+45) 78 77 33 99
Elmegade 6
2200 Kbh. N
Mon - Sun: 16.00 - 21.00
Closed Only: 24/12 & 31/12

Welcome to Bindia in Nørrebro!

Squeezed in between the main artery of the area, Nørrebrogade on the one side and the open square of Skt. Hans Torv on the other, lies the compact and cozy and - in its own way busy - shopping street of Elmegade. Here, close to the crossing where Elmegade enters Nørrebrogade and becomes Stengagde, you find our local Nørrebro shop; a small and intimate shop that opened in 2010 and since then has delivered prime Indian take-away to the locals and the passersby who’ve come to enjoy the life, culture, and sightings of the neighborhood alongside our tasty take-away.

If you find yourself in the evening sun on Dronning Louise’s Bridge or on Skt. Hans Torv, looking for some healthy and nurturing take-away, you’re only a stone’s thow from Bindia in Elmegade.

Dine in Elmegade

In a former organic bakery called Det Gode Brød, we opened another Bindia in 2010. Our place in Nørrebro is a small, yet cozy place with front-row seats to the diverse Nørrebro-life. Like all our other shops, there is a possibility for dine-in, which means you are free to enjoy your Butter Chicken, Dal, or one of our vegetarian and vegan dishes inside the shop. Especially the window seats provide a golden opportunity to enjoy our Indian classics while observing the people in the charming street of Elmegade pass by. Have a look inside our Nørrebro Bindia here.

In 2018, Elmegade underwent a largescale renovation of the road, bike lane, and walkway, which meant that the pavement has widened significantly, allowing for much more life between the bars, take-aways, and shops of Elmegade. Hence, we have chairs and tables outside our shop for our guests during the summer. Like all our other shops, Bindia in Elmegade is open year-round from 16.00 to 21.00 except for the 24th and 31st of December.

You’re welcome to take advantage of our Orange Prices when you dine-in at Bindia. All you have to do is order and pay on bindia.dk and use the comment field to let our staff know. Read more about dine-in here.

Take away, but where to?

As the Nørrebro Bindia is one of our smaller shops, it has mostly served as a take-away shop since it opened in 2010; thankfully, there are many suitable places in the local area to enjoy Bindia’s top-quality take-away.

Continue, for instance, down Elmegade to Skt. Hans Torv where the café life of Copenhagen has dominated for decades in its own laid-back fashion. Here you can enjoy our Indian take-away on a bench in the tiny park right outside the Sankt Johannes Church on the corner of Blegdamsvej and Nørre Allé. If you want to get away from the traffic and bustle of Nørrebro, you’re only a stone’s throw away from the ever-quiet De Gamles By, which rests as a peaceful sanctuary between Tagensvej, Guldbergsgade, and Møllegade.

The most popular haven of Nørrebro – where the locals like to enjoy each other’s company as well as local take-away – must be the beautiful cemetery from 1760 called Assistens Kirkegård. In this 20-hectare park area you can get lost in peaceful pursuit after an appropriate clearing or the tombstone of some of the most famous Danes in history - like the authors HC Andersen and Martin Andersen Nexø, the theologian Søren Kirkegaard, the physicists Niels Bohr and HC Ørsted as well as more recent luminaries like Natasja Saad, Ben Webster, Etta Cameron, Thomas Koppel, and Morten Lindberg (aka Master Fatman).

City Life

If you would want more life with your Indian take-away,, go to the Dronning Louise’s Bridge, which connects Nørrebro with the city center. Every spring and summer, this bridge acts as a meeting point for a broad spectrum of Copenhageners who have come to enjoy the sun and a beer with their take-way. From here you’re not far from the many cozy bars and buzzing nightlife of the area in Ravnsborggade and Blågårdsgade.

It's certainly not without reason that the British magazine Time Out in 2021 crowned Nørrebro as the world’s most cool neighborhood; this part of Copenhagen does in fact offer a lot to visit and explore – and Bindia is located right in heart of it all.

Zero Waste

No matter if you’re a visitor or a local looking for healthy and delicious take-away, we’re ready every day to assist you with the best Indian classics created the Bindia way.

We will serve you large, healthy portions that are furthermore well-suited for refrigeration and reheating. Read more about our recommendations for reheating our take-away here.

As a matter of fact, the good, old-fashioned Indian cooking methods, which we proudly preserve and continue, provide the food a natural and sustainable durability and are a key factor to how we can all help minimize food waste.

A true Indian curry takes a long time to make as it requires many hours to simmer and settle. The very final part of the cooking is not done until your order is placed – and we never use more than you “take away”.

Bindia actually wastes so little food that, in spite of an already signed collaboration contract, the initiative against food waste, Too Good To Go, found it completely pointless to include us on their app.

Greener take-away

Since 2015, Bindia have been certified with the official Organic Cuisine Label as we were the first Indian kitchen in Scandinavia to focus on ecology and sustainability. Furthermore, we never use preservatives, additives, or food colouring, and never deep fry anything.

At Bindia, we have a crystal-clear ambition of continuing to become even greener and in 2020 we therefore decided to make our take-away packaging more eco-friendly. Everything from our take-away bags to our menu cards and take-away bowls are now made from 100% recycled, non-bleached paper. Both the paper bags and menu cards can be recycled as paper. However, we recommend re-using the paper bag as much as possible first.

This way you can enjoy the best Indian take-away with a clean conscience!

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Read more about Bindia’s philosophy and values here.

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