Why you are prone to emotional eating?

  • on July 28, 2016

In this world where food is somewhere scarce and somewhere abundant, there exist various eating habits too. Some of these habits belong to trends of the region whereas others are personal habits. Along with trends and habits, there are some disorders as well. One of them is emotional eating.

Emotional eating is referred to as “an increase in food intake in response to negative emotions” and can be considered a maladaptive strategy used to cope with difficult feelings.

In this order, individual uses food as a tool to cope with depressing feelings and stress. According to research, 40% people eat more when exposed to stress. 40% reduce their usual intake and 20% remain unaffected.  Here we are talking about those 40% of the population that eats more.

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You find yourself as one of them? Give this blog a read then and know what makes you do so.

Unmindful and unconscious attitude:

The basic reason behind emotional eating is unawareness to this eating. You may not notice biting some more food chunks despite knowing that you are done with your meal.  This may be happening that you are eating just because some crackers are in front of you. Being mindful, when eating, is the solution to it.

Inability to cope with difficult situation:

Life is challenging, isn’t it? It brings you to difficult situations and conditions. You may feel giving up and falling prey to the stresses thereby, ending up with food. Contrary to it, our societal patterns also have taught us to distract from bad things. So this whole emotional eating may be just a source of deviation for you.

You can overcome this by giving yourself a challenge to face these situations. It sounds difficult yet it is crucial for your own sake.

Food as source of soothing and gratification

Emotional eating may be highlighting your inner mind-set. Is that the food which you use as source of earning gratification and comfort? If you give yourself food as reward of some good job then you are spoiling good job as well. If it is your only serene and pleasure then again you made a wrong choice.

If this is so then you urgently need to replace your source of comfort and satisfaction to something more meaningful and constructive. Replace it with some power naps or so. It is harder to achieve but quite possible.

Boredom and worthlessness:

Feeling bore and the empty is the also a prominent reason to fall a prey to this disorder. You may either find food as a “to-do-task” when you have nothing else to do. Or it may be the case that you feel worthless and useless in this whole world. This feeling leads you to overcome yourself by indulging in food.

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Social gatherings:

Our societal patterns offer us plentiful of options to gather for food whether occasional or not. Such get-together make us to eat without any hunger and at times, more than that. Such meetings are inevitable but you can make a move to stop indulging from unnecessary eating.


Whatever the reasons behind this disorder may be, amends are always available. Finding some replacements and changing your attitude is not so easy yet nor impossible. Make sure to take some real steps for countering this real problem.




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