Top 5 Reasons why Indian food is most delicious

  • on July 19, 2016

It is a well known fact that among all cuisines of the world, Indian has a definite edge over others. The sweet,savory and tangy flavors of Indian food are pure delights to a foodie. Their food is highly appreciated and adapted all over the world, particularly West. The reason behind this adaptation and appreciation is the delicious taste and flavor. You can find a perfect and large  menu for serving your appetite as per your desire. You may be wondering what makes Indian food so delicious and mouth-watering. Here are the top 5 reasons behind most delicious cuisine of the world.

1.Combination of utterly unique flavors

The most prominent reason behind delicious Indian dishes is the combination of utterly unique spices. We all know that is basically use of spices that make up the overall taste. Indian food distinct over others mainly in this regard. The basic formula of Indian spices is using a blend of unique spices. For other cuisines,spices of same or overlapping flavors are mixed together for developing taste. Indian dishes follow this rule conversely. There are no overlapping or same taste spices found in one dish. They rather offer a mixture of largely different and distinctive spices. This unique blend gives Indian Cuisine a superbly delicious taste that serves your taste buds happily.

2.Multiple yet simple ingredients

It is often said that Indian dishes have a long list of ingredients. This is undoubtedly true. An Indian dish may involve 7 ingredients only or it can include even up to 200. This sounds as hard thing for the cooks. Yet involving this much ingredients doesn’t make it complicated dish. Everything is easily available and readily useable. This large list can be easily compensation the dish. The processes like grinding, saute and sprinkling is very simple and can easily be followed. This simplicity brings an exquisite taste to the food.

3.Exotic aroma

What makes food’s taste best for even it is tasted is its aroma and presentation. As Indian Cuisine has a unique blend of spices and herbs so their combined product gives the perfect aroma. Ingredients like garam masala, curry leaves, cumin seeds and coconut milk produce exotic aromas in this food. Taste is a perception of mind which is already made up by those mouth watering temptations.

4.Finest cooking process

Indian dishes involve different cooking techniques and methods. The best thing about this processes is that these are finest ones to follow and apply. This cuisine involves different styles and methods like steaming, boiling, saute, grilling, deep frying and even tandoori. Differentiation is made because of precise cooking standards for each method. If Bhujjia involves steaming and boiling of vegetables then there will be a unique standard for the dish. This uniformity and homogeneous nature brings excellent flavor to the food everytime you cook or eat somewhere.

5.Combination of herbs, spices and seeds

Indian cuisine is the food domain that uses not one domain of ingredients but a large combination of them. While other cuisines use any one of them. Others may combine raw ingredient with spices or seeds. However, Indian dishes involve a combination of spices and herbs along with seeds. This all accounts for adding a delicious base to the food items.

So these all elements make up the Indian cuisine stand at prominence with others. These apparently looking simple yet unique things makes Indian dishes,the most delicious of all.

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