Indian Foods – The Art & Science

  • on April 28, 2015
Indian Foods - The Art & Science

For Indians, the journey to heart passes through stomach. When it is Indian food it is love at first bite. However the same pleasure goes with sight and smell. The vibrant colors, invigorating aromas, and bold spices overload your sensory system to the extent that you cannot resist it. Your falling in love with Indian foods is inevitable, for the art and science behind choosing the ingredients and cooking the food.

The art of cooking Indian food has its foundations in Harappa Civilization, some 3000 year before Christ. The art contains that food consists of six different tastes or flavors; sweet, salty, sour, spicy, astringent and bitter. These tastes are resultant of combination of different ingredients with different chemical constituents that produce the specific taste. One can find tinge of one or two tastes highlighted in Indian foods. You never find an Indian food containing all these six tastes.

Indian cuisine not only is different in taste and type, it is also different in main categories. While 35 percent of Indians are strict vegetarians, 30% are strict meat eaters and rest enjoys the both. Generally Indian foods fall in the category of spicy foods but what makes them irresistibly divine? It is not just a cocktail of spices but the art of mixing these spices in correct quantities to generate the desired flavor and taste.

The Western cuisines is based on strong positive food pairing where ingredients sharing almost same flavors are paired to make a dish, on the other hand in Indian foods, a strong negative food pairing exists, you hardly find any dish in Indian foods that contains positive food pairing for example one of the necessary ingredient of Indian cuisine is gram masala (mixed spices) and you hardly find any spice having the similar flavor. This makes Indian foods irresistible.

The science has it that spices and herbs not only prevent spoilage and bacteria, they have their immense health benefits. The use of different spices in Indian foods is well evident from the health benefits of these spices and herbs which have been in use for centuries to prevent spoilage and bacteria.

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