South and North Indian Foods

  • on January 27, 2016

It is not only that north Indians are taller and stronger than south Indians, there are differences of shalwar kameez and saris in north and south Indian women, shalwar and dhoti between north and south Indian men. They are different in complexion, north Indians are whiter than south Indians and above all the difference of foods between the two Indian regions; South Indian foods are spicier than north Indian foods. While south Indians are fond of tamarind and coconut, the north Indians prefer milk products.

When talking about north and south Indian foods, we come across the fact that north Indian foods are meaty and milky whereas south Indian foods are vegi and seedy. North Indian foods are rick in creamy curries and sauces; butter chicken, tandoori meat, korma and naan. South Indian foods are vegetables, seeds, tomatoes and lentils.

In northern India Chole Bhature are favorite snack for everybody where hot bhature severed with spicy chickpeas are mouthwatering treat from Punjabi kitchen in north. Rogan Josh is the signature dish of Kashmir valley in north India which an all-time favorite of all meat lovers in the north.

Biryani, biriani, or beriani is a set of primarily South Asian rice-based foods made with spices, rice (usually basmati) and meat/vegetables

For rice lovers, north India has chicken dum biryani which is made up with rice and chicken cooked in assorted spices and garnished with sliced green chillies and ginger. Next to chicken biryani comes nihari gosht, which is a meat dish made up of delicious meat cooked on low heat for several hours and when served, it is sprinkled with rose water and other assorted spices to add to the flavor of meat.

But don’t take it as north Indians are only meat eaters, they also love dairy products and you would hardly find any meal which is not accompanied with lassi, dahi, kheer and hulfi. And to add to sugar level north Indians have rabdi doodh, makhan malai, and kesar phirni.

In southern India, you would feel their love for lentils and vegetables. Dosa is one of the favorite foods in south India. Dosa is made with ground rice and urad dal having spicy potatoes inside. When served with sambar, it makes a perfect south Indian treat for any food lover.

Thali is another traditional south Indian food, where several little meals are combined to make one thali on banana leaf. Usually taken by hand, it gives you sour, salty, sweet and bitter merge in one lump.

Vada also known as vadai,Medu vada, wada or vade, is a savoury snack from South India, shaped like a doughnut and made from dal, lentil or potato. It is a traditional South Indian food known from antiquity.Vada can vary in size and shape, the Indian vada is spicy rather than sweet.

Vada reminds you of a dense donut. It is made from lentils and gram flour and by adding potato mash to provide heft to vada. You can take it as a snack or have it in the restaurant with different kinds of chutneys. Next to vada comes idli, the food made from fermented black lentils and rice to give you a fluffy and soft food that is served with sambar and other chutneys.

We find biryani as the only dish that is far from being southern or northern. The only difference is that in south India, you may also find vegetable biryani.

Other famous south Indian dish is makki ki roti and sarsoon ka saag. Well, east or west, north or south, India is the land of different cultures, traditions and foods. It depends what catches you first, we only guarantee; one would never escape falling in love with India.

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