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Modern Indian Restaurantbindia

It was my second visit to Copenhagen, home of the world’s best restaurants. The gastronomic revolution in the city brought with it cultural blending to make it one of the best culinary places in Oceania. Being fond of Indian food, I decided to explore the Indian restaurants in Copenhagen.

The traditional or classic Indian restaurants serve spicy meals. Whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the Indian food is cooked with heavy spices, lots of oil and other fatty ingredients. Presentation style lacks sophistication. To my disappointment, most of the so-called Indian restaurants were void of traditional Indian touch. Use of artificial color was evident from the taste. Almost all of these restaurants that claim being modern restaurants have limited variety and use of frozen foods.

No doubt, a few of these  restaurants were good in respecting their local traditions beyond culinary experiences. They provide traditional Indian food in traditional environment. In my view they are so proud of their Indian culture that they do not care for giving their places a modern touch. All of these restaurants though serving good food; they lack the presentation – the heart of the Copenhagen dining landscape.

For an Indian like me, the search for Indian Food ends where the menu says ‘curry’. But to find a top-notch modern Indian restaurant that serves curry proved a difficult task for me. In most of these Indian like restaurants, I was served with something heavily salted and artificially dyed.

And then I happened to visit Bindia and struck out rest of the so-called Indian restaurants from my list, for its food quality and hospitality. The curry served to me was superb. The rice was of excellent quality. The service was efficient. And Bindia won my heart with their presentation style.

One may find Bindia a little bit expensive than other Indian restaurants in Copenhagen, but it is worth it – no preservatives, but a truly fresh Indian experience in a modern restaurant!

-by Santosh-
An Indian Food Lover

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