4 best apps for food, nutrition and health

  • on August 9, 2016

In this era everyone has health goals either written or not. Whether it is the exercise, hydration or food values, we are always concerned about it. Since we use apps to organize life and its affairs then why not use it for your food and nutrition?

Here is one of the most popular apps for food nutrition and health:


For life goals, Lifesum app is a very good option. This is an amazing android app for keeping an eye on the nutritional value of the foods you are taking.

This editor’s choice app can help you to overlook all of your health concerns at one place.

You can keep yourself hydrated through drinking reminders throughout the day. There is regular feedback and suggestions on your daily intake. This helps you to improve your meal plans and exercising goals.

The best part is that it gives you complete body summary of food habits, nutrition trends, exercising schedules and weight trends.

This allows you to make healthy choices in your diet and meals.

Calorie Counter- My Fitness Pal

This is one of the most popular health and fitness app.

It has world’s largest food databases (upto 600,000,000). It is user friendly and demands just five minutes from your day to track your food and exercise.

My fitness Pal is an important tool to help you loose weight and monitor your diet.There is personalized diet and food chart created for every user to reach health goals.

It also offers a wide range of healthy recipes to let you cook wisely.

There is complete range of cardio exercises, strength trainings and nutritional guides to help you eat and stay healthy.

Calorie, Carb and Food Counter

One of the best options from food apps is Calorie,carb and food counter.

This wonderful app designs a perfect nutritional plan for you according to your diet, routine and goals.

This app works on multi-dimensional plans i.e. weight loss, weight gain or simply healthy nutrition.

This offers protein, carb and calorie count with a complete set of suggestions for your diet and workout plans.

Here the best part is you can use this app even if your are a vegetarian. You can eat anything and add your own food or entr it from it database.

This leading health and fitness app allows you to improve your lifestyle and be healthy by right choice of food for you.

Calorie Counter Pro

This amazing app has one million download. this app offers realistic diet goal and calorie charts.

It offers specialized diet plans. This food databases are amazingly large including restaurants, grocery stores and ethnic foods.

Food tracking helps to review and update your meal plans. Weight maintenance is facililtated through calorie budget, BMI and BMR. Continuous analysis allows you to keep an eye on your health and intake.

An advantage of this app is that it aids you in every kind of tracking like lab tests, vitals graphs and sleep habits.

Recommendations for food are based on on behalf of all these trackings.

With this app’s plans, you will always be eating the right food at right time.

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