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Vegetable Cheese Omelette

What’s more mouth watering than having cheese omelette in breakfast? I believe nothing. Here is a scrumptious, delicious and simple recipe for you. It includes combination of vegetables with cheese to give you a perfect blend. In a very short time, you will be getting our tasty and healthy breakfast on your table. 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

In today’s life we have tiring routines and tough schedules to follow. This makes us really worried about our diet as we have least time to put our efforts in the kitchen. Sounds familiar to you right? So I have always tried to come up with solutions to this problem.

4 best apps for food, nutrition and health

In this era everyone has health goals either written or not. Whether it is the exercise, hydration or food values, we are always concerned about it. Since we use apps to organize life and its affairs then why not use it for your food and nutrition?

Indian Pakora recipe

Indian snacks are widely famous across the world for their epic taste. What is more good than having Pakoras on a rainy day or in the tea time? Off course nothing.

Masala Chai

Masala chai is an important element of Indian cuisine. In the long menu of Indian foods, beverages are immensely used and enjoyed along with snacks as well as after-meals.

Why you are prone to emotional eating?

In this world where food is somewhere scarce and somewhere abundant, there exist various eating habits too. Some of these habits belong to trends of the region whereas others are personal habits. Along with trends and habits, there are some disorders as well. One of them is emotional eating.

How food habits affect your mood?

Food, the basic necessity of our life, is very active player in determining our overall health. We all are very much familiar with the long term effects of our diet. Yet there are short-term outcomes of food as well. It is interesting to figure out that happiness, depression and mood swings can be managed by [ Read More… ]

Malai Vegetable Kofta Curry

Malai Vegetable Kofta Curry is a famous dish of North Indian Cuisine. It is mainly served as main course meal. Yet fried Koftas are also dished out as mouth watering appetizer. Ingredients for this recipe are quite simple. you just need to follow some easy steps to cook this delicious curry.

Top 5 Reasons why Indian food is most delicious

It is a well known fact that among all cuisines of the world, Indian has a definite edge over others. The sweet,savory and tangy flavors of Indian food are pure delights to a foodie.

South and North Indian Foods

It is not only that north Indians are taller and stronger than south Indians, there are differences of shalwar kameez and saris in north and south Indian women, shalwar and dhoti between north and south Indian men. They are different